People don’t buy what you do;
they buy why you do it

Simon Sinek

Our studio

We are designers, passionate and curious. Every day we come into contact with different realities, we immerse ourselves in these worlds and try to grasp all its facets. We want to know, understand, interpret, and tell everything in the best way.

Whether it is an established company that needs to reinvent itself a little, or a new small reality that is emerging these days, B&G Communication is able to identify and highlight the values and strengths that distinguish it from the rest of the world.


B&G Communication deals with the creation and management of communication strategies for brands and start-ups in all sectors: from the first phase of analysis and research, with the study and definition of values, mood and brand identity, up to the construction of the coordinated image, website and promotional material.

What we can create for you

– Brand positioning
– Corporate visual identity
– Logo design
– Website (landing page, standard websites, e-commerce…)
– Layout and traditional graphic projects
– Web / digital graphics

Newsletter & social media

In addition to building brand identity and corporate identity, websites, logos and graphic designs, we offer our customers a service that includes web communication management:

– Web communication strategy
– Social media strategy 
– Social management (facebook, instagram , linkedin, twitter …)
– Creation of periodic newsletters with custom templates